Game Crash

After exiting the embedded game player, blender crashes. EVERY TIME. Whenever I start the game, and then press ESC, it say Blender has stopped working… In wireframe, solid, GLSL Textured, anything. But it only seems to be just that blend file. Thanks for your help.

What do you have in your game?
I know libloading sometimes causes this, as does linking blends.

fps stuff. guns and A TON of logic. The models are med-resolution

edit: If i exit the camera, and play and exit the game outside the camera, it doesnt crash.

Any chance for a blend file to look at?

i would if i knew how…

Just append it to your post. Edit in advanced mode.

If you don’t want to put your resources out there, then try deleting things until you’ve isolated the issue. Also, what version of Blender are you using? Are you using any resources (like BGUI or BGHelper or something)?

no addons. it worked fine before, but once i added a rocket launcher, it crashed

Try a later Blender version (like the new Release Candidate). A lot of bugs, both with Blender and the BGE, tend to be fixed between Blender versions.

i tried with blender 2.64 and it didnt work

Well, then perhaps you should post the blend file. I would recommend isolating it down to whatever’s the issue (i.e. delete everything but the rocket launcher, if that’s the problem).

Never mind, folks! i solved it. It seems that the Target Acquiring system messed up the whole unit. I deleted the mesh an voila, its fixed! Thank everyone for their help!