Game crashing on removal of navmesh target?

what is best for navigating waypoints, as well as navigating to a target ?

A* or Steering actuator?

Lowest resource system for pathfinding?

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They’re the same thing. The steering actuator will be faster.

A* is an algorithm to quickly find a shortest path.

The steering actuator performs pathfinding (I assume it uses an A* implementation) and performs pathfollowing too which are different but depending things.

I was being cynical. Yes, in fact the actuator does use A*, and it will be faster as it is written in C++, but also it offers greater functionality than most Python implementations of A* for the BGE (unless you want to do custom weighting)

Wow that was easy !! :smiley:

now to get waypoint logic working when target = “X” (empty)


LookOutNowItsOnWheels.blend (946 KB)

It looks funny to have the robot bounce on his crouch like that.Maybe it could use it’s crouch to squash rats.

So, here is another, with the steering actuator, but I can’t seem to make it attack the player, and then move on,

it see the player, and then turns around for some reason?

Never mind, I just had the cell height wrong,

Fixed it !

Tracking targets and waypoints :smiley:

ok, so navigating to a item works,

but navigating to something added after the scene starts does not appear to,


Do I have to regenerate the nav mesh?

ok,odd, I can just move the “waypoint” and it works, but new added objects don’t?

also why does ending a object that a steering actuator is using crash blender? could they just have the exception trigger the deactivation of the actuator and set it’s target to none?

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I gave you the link in post 10.And the script still works.Ending a object that the steering actuator is using does not crash the blender game engine for me.Maybe it is the way you are doing your code.

I am going to have health is less then 25% trigger a script, that then grabs the nearest AddHealth,

My issue is why not add a few exceptions to the steering actuator ?(I don’t want a game crashing if something is ended or not work if it’s spawned in from another layer, that is just silly.

I just had an idea why it is crashing on your computer.Your computer is damaged that is why it is doing that.

Make a navmesh, make a item on the same layer,

Have it a item steering,

have keypress ----------------end object

in the target

Watch the game crash

never mind, it would seem that was a one time exception?

I am not sure why it crashed, I used if health min -10 max 0--------end object

and when the navmesh target was deleted the game crashed

Could you show me the blend?

nope it’s repeatable,


LookOutNowItsOnWheels (Nav).blend (959 KB)

why can’t you use add object to add the player?

your right, I had that issue before, because the logic I was using to trigger the script was not correct,

I needed always , not if Target!=“X”, as this would not allow for the exception in the script,