Game creation guide?

I want to create my own game in blender but have no clue where I should start. Is there a helpful game creation guide that anyone knows about, or does someone have suggestions?

Here’s my skills:

programming-fair/still learning

Hi MrBlend20! Personally, I would start out trying to make something really simple like, pong, or a maze game, or any really simple type of game. Me being as stubborn as I am, I didn’t do that, and instead got stuck trying to make super complex games with no experience. Experience is key. The more games you have under your belt, the better. Then, you will be able to use the skills learned from your first games, and adapt them to more and more complex games as you go. It’s always a learning experience, because there are always more things you can learn to become a better game designer. Especially with blender (or any other game engine for that matter), a program that is always being updated. Lastly, have a plan. That is definitely my biggest problem. I don’t plan my games out. I get a cool idea, and start on it right away. DON’T DO THAT! :slight_smile: When I do that, I find that my games never get finished, and I’m right back to square one. Have a plan, and stick to it. Good luck man!

As an indiegame god. I say that there is no particular way to making a game. There is no one way to “make games”. Pong is a game. And so is Halo 3. Yet they function completely different and are nothing alike. You need to focus on your individual mechanics, and achieve them through the ocean of knowledge we call the internet.

Look for a book writing guide, its the same, its just the most inefficient way of writing a story, but on 3D…

There’s not any really great guide that will cover all information required to create any desired game, the possibilities are endless. As a programmer I would recommend you to pick up a programming book in a languages of your choice and start to experiment with your creativity. You could go out and model a hole game, but what’s the point of it when you can’t give it life?

Here’s my tip. Start to make a game of your choice, but your only allowed to use cubes to start with. Then when you feel you got the most covered, swap it out the cubes to whatever you want.

The idea is to get a feel of scale, many indies start to make a great looking character or a hole world without thinking about its context, or why they even started with making a character at first.

Hope some of it helps :wink: