Game Creation Wizard?

Has anyone ever made (or is it possible to create) a wizard (Python script) that will create a specific type of game (racing, RPG, platformer, shooter, etc?)

Im so very very sorry but I just have to…

LMAO WTF?!?!?!

Im so very very sorry but I just have to…

LMAO WTF?!?!?!


personally i wouldnt think it to bad to first check if there was an easy shortcut (of that type) before starting to work on a project and finding out later that i wasted so much time :wink:

but ya that pretty much voids the whole purpose for making a personalized game, which would be learning how to program; or at least I think it would be.

but as i direct answer to your question no and if someone had done that they probably would have you pay for it.


Hell I would never pay for that. Cus like you said a game wizard completely removes the whole purpose of making games.


that was the point.

ha ha a button that automatically makes a game?

cough cough
Either you were kidding, or you are 5 years old

Hmm… while you guys are being a bit blunt about it, I (for once) agree with your basic premise. What’s the point in making a game if the computer makes it for you? I’m sorry if I misunderstood the intent of your question. I think the Blender Game Engine (for 3D games) and GameMaker (for 2D games) are about as close as you’ll get to a game making wizard.

Someone (BrianH, I’m pretty sure) did release a racing game building package a while back. It had a ton of parts for building city race tracks, but no actual code. You could probably dig it up with the search feature in the top bar of the Forum. Try searching “racing” or something. You could also go to the members list and look up BrianH’s profile, then click “view all threads started by this member”. It’d be in there somewhere.

Ah yes BrianH my old partner in crime. But there is still the issue of gameplay mechanics and those cant just be generated by a computer. Games take time and they are never easy.

I assume, hope, they just ment something that created the “architect” of the game where you simply just filled in the missing pieces…But even that ain’t a gonna happen. Who could ever believe that what they deem the necessary architect could ever be agreed upon by anyone else. Thats why you’ll never find such a thing friend. And if you did It most likely sucks.

There is a game creation program (it costs money) that can randomly generate a game, but it really sucked.

The crazy thing is these kind of programs are coming. When you can basically tell the computer what you want and it will make the program for you. Scary…:eek:

i would think that a wizard would greatly limit the originality of the games produced and if there is one thing i would like its a game with new modes of play, concepts, and just stuff that hasnt been done before.

You mean the 3D gamemaker. And yes it doesn’t leave much room for origionality.

A game wizard may take the making out of the game, and it’s true that origionality would almost be impossible. But perhaps if you took hundreds and hundreds of options and thousands of intricate algorithms you could actually get something.

Using genetic algoritms It would be possible to create very complex games using simple parts. The game would “make itself” and “evolve” so to speak.

Could be interesting.

interesting, but pretty much impossible to find someone who would code it.

Those could be used too. You could set up ground rules like the genre and then watch the game evolve. Then you can add in the idea of many options and maybe some customization controls and yes it could be interesting.

This is something I’ve considering doing a few times. Creating modular code and logic so you can just plug your own artwork into it to make a game. For instance you’d have an enemy AI module, an inventory module, a player module, etc.

I always end up not going anywhere with it as the more I think about it, the more problematic it seems… When you have premade systems like this, the level of flexibility the final game can offer becomes very limited. However in the instance of allowing newcomers to quickly build their own games without getting disheartened, it may be a good idea…

The best thing you can do is to study similar games to the one you want to make and extract the necessary techniques out of those.

I think this is one of the downfalls of the Blender Game Engine, it’s very hard to make an actual game. I’d say you need at least a year of working in the engine to get anything decent made. Newcomers who are often struggling could really use a template for making their own games to start off with (fps games always seem to be the favourate).

No im actualy talking about a system that is out of the users control

You’d need to develop some killer genetic algorithms then if you want a random game that’s decent and very playable.

I’d say the algorithms alone will take quite a while to develop and will take even longer to code them to make good decent playable games with recognizable objects.

What I was thinking was this:
In the process of making a game, certain elements are repeated throughout various types of games. For instance, having destructable targets or enemies, having a movable character, having a basic life or power function, having an invintory, some sort of projectile/weapon/key to trigger specific events, and then there are always menus for everything. If there was a script that allowed the easy construction of one or more of these things based on a variable that could be given, it could cut down the production time of particular parts of designing a game. With the script generating objects, the objects could then be worked and edited to fit into any type of game needing such an element. The scripts would work in two ways, separately for rapidly prototyping, or together to create a simple game. Enphasis on simple. They could also be used on a more complex game to cut down on coding, or as use for a template for those learning how to create a game.

Hm… a random game creator… Amazing…