Game Creation


The holidays are coming up for so i decided to start up a game project. I want to create a 3rd person view game. Now I need a few pieces of information.

I need to know what is a good game engine and a more easily understood one. Once thats done i need some tutorials on how to use it, you know, stuff like menus, level, . . .and everything else that is normally seen in games. and with this game engine, yould you be able to import blender models into it?

Help is apreciated!


oh cmon! still no replies?!

Do you have a team or by your self?
what artist are you texture, lighting etc… ?
do you have a plan? a story line? ( A good one)
is it open source game?
and more to than that to answer!
I think you know that blender has a game engine plus it can work with Crystal Space and python, this is a off-topic thread I dont see why not! I used <b>[Quest 3D](</b> before and its cool plus you can import file. [<b>Softimage/XSI 6 MOD Tool</b>]( i try ed it Ya! you know Softimage Yap! one of my first 3D experience! and this one called [<b>Visual3D.NET Game Engine</b>]( which I did not use yet, read about it and its moving good so far . this is for now hope I give you some Intel that can help! <b> Edit</b>: dont forget about the Game Engine Competition, Blender Wiki.

hey thanks!

and yes ive got a team of about 4 people. but im not planning to get this game sold. just a fun thing to do for the summer holiday. I pretty much do the modeling, textuing and some of the programming.

and of course i know that blender has a game engine, but i dont like it very much.

The problem of blender in game developing is multiplayer, unless you want to learn python networking programming actually there is only one networking protocol library available… and it’s damn buggy.
So I switched to other software that uses c++ like Crystal Space. of course I still using blender for modeling.