Game Day - Special Time Lapse 3D

Hello everyone!
I’ve finally finished working on a special time lapse 3D project in Blender. It’s called “Game Day - At Nokia Arena, home of Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv”. It depicts a full day at Nokia Arena, which is the home court of Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv basket ball team.

What’s so special about this project is that it uses camera mapping technique in order to accomplish otherwise virtually impossible camera moves that you don’t usually see within a time lapse shot. I hope you like it!

And here’s a behind the scenes look:


That’s great work. Excellent concept – to blend camera mapping with the traditional time-lapse shot. Obviously you get some distortion/flattening on the extreme push-in, but well executed overall. Is this commercial work? If so, I’ll bet the customer is pleased.

Hi there Ariel! Im fruityboy. Im new here and new to 3d modelling. Trying out Blender for some hobbying on my computer. Would like to comment on your Video?

This looks great. But what is it? Is that all in 3d animation done in blender? Everything?


Thank you guys for your great reviews! Indeed there is some smearing in the extreme push-in but that could be partly eliminated if I had used a higher resolution camera when I originally took the static footage.

This was actually a personal project - a location research project I did as part of my architecture major. I was not required to do it like this but the opportunity was there to make something creative.

fruityboy - I would say 90% percent of the work was done in blender. Although it is not a conventional 3d animation, it is basically a camera traveling inside a 3D model that has a video for material textures. Check out the behind the scenes look! ( If you’re looking to learn blender, I recommend the blender noob to pro online book which was very good for me.

Glad you liked it!