## GAME DEMO ## Mine Carts

This is just a short demo That I have been working on.

Feedback welcome



I know there is alot wrong with it. I cant get blender to sense multiple materials correctly. the badger things should blow you up, but they just push you. You should also blow up when you flip over and the charcter touches the track, but that doesnt work either.

Lots of bugs, but a good start over all.

You need to play around with the physics settings a bit more, to get the right reactions. For your collision troubles, you should implement somekind of a “bounding/hit box” setup, independent of the main mesh itself.

Also, I suggest changing the general rock texture (which makes up 90% of the game) into something a little better looking.

Good job so far, keep it up.

Thanks Social. I have a base dynamic cube that everything else is parented to, is that what you mean?

Here, this’ll help you with getting good stone texture results. http://blendenzo.com/tutGIMPStone.html

maybe mix things up, add some moss, lanterns, stalaktites(?). Still, a good start.

Now that’s really addictive game! Only that turning_up_side_down makes me anxiaus.
Good luck updating it!

Downloading as we speak… :slight_smile:

haha, this game is really cool, a bit buggy but fun!

Thanks, i dont know if i will be updating it. I have started on another project, it was a good learning experience though.

I didn’t really look through your project all that much, so I’m just giving you some general advice.

For starters, don’t use materials for collision detection, use properties, via a collision sensor. Materials are not all that usefull right now, because gamespace objects can’t seem to properly manage collisions between two different materials assigned to the same mesh.

When I said bounding box, I meant a static ghost mesh defining a collision surface (for determining collision from dynamic objects).

Also, to check weather or not the cart has flipped over, you might want to use a ray sensor empty parented to the top of the cart. The ground being a static object, it won’t detect collisions from any other static object, so you can’t use a parented bounding box in that case, and seeing how multiple materials on one mesh can’t be properly detected, I’d say the ray sensor is the best way to go.

I hope some of that can help.

Thanks Social, I will keep this in mind.

Not a bad start, but yes there is a quite a few problems
Like when you are killed by that rock thing you dont respawn at the start of the level,
you should make the charactor re-spawn at the start after being hit or a menu appear after you are hit that says Try Again or Quit.
You can use a timer from being hit & re spawn so they can still see there cart being blowen up, say about 3 secs delay from when they are hit & re-spawn.