Game Demo

ok here’s a game demo. it still has some glitches. The Controls are Arrows Move and space jump. Also I need to know how to do a jumping effect. cause when u hold space he keeps going up. So yea. Tell me what u think

for some reason it reminds me of monkey ball :wink: i’m going to make it 10x better but this is the “rough” version of the game.

Right click here and hit save as

I don’t download anything without some screenshots posted first.

wow. that was so boring. Monkey Ball is 100x better than this.i’m not going to say, “oh, good start, it was ok” but in a recent post you said you have experience. this game took hhmmm…5 minutes maybe less.
EDIT: Social, it is just a sidescroller. your character is a ball and you float. that’s it

I’m sorry but I’m sick of arcade.

Now some usefull comments:

  • It’s WIP you are working on it, I understand
  • Could you post screenshots for other people that don’t download before they see some results
  • Improve the graphics of your game
  • Improve the environment

ughhh no one answered my question. lolz. How to u make the gravity control so when u hit space you don’t float. instead go up and come back down.

u know honestly i don’t like these forums. see i like forums with people that give u support :’( here all i’m getting is shit. so yea. i’m leaving these forums for “good” so w/e

I’ve had that problem too, I solved it. Only I forgot the solution.
It has to do with pulsing in the Logic Bricks.

eh… sorry for the conduct of those involved. Don’t quit the forum yet, the game design group is a little sour, but the rest are ok.

as to your game:
you could do one, or both of two things:

  1. make a collision sensor, so that you could only jump while touching the ground.
    you should also change the jump from force, to linV, in my opinion at least.
  2. make an ipo that only acts on the z coordinate, and play it when pressing space

That’s a solution!
Jesse is right about the Game Community.
Some news about the Ogre Integration project:
Probable this is going to be snailroses (new) website:
Echo: OgreBlender
He is still working on it.

thanks, anicator. I played around with using collision and stuff, but I thin you’d have to use logic ticks too. The collision sensor seems to really slow things down as well. You might consider also using ‘rigid body’ to make it roll correctly.

edit: ok, I did a little messing around, and here’s what I think you should do:

  1. enable ‘rigid body’ on the ball
  2. change the actuators as follows:
    ___1) on the first and second (right and left) remove ‘local transform’, i.e. uncheck the ‘L’
    ___2) on the third (jump), remove the force then set the third box in linv to something like 5, keep the ‘L’ unchecked
  3. either uncheck ‘doFH’ or add a material to the ball, and go to the ‘dyn’ tab and change the settings to how you please.


  1. it’ll make it roll and stuff
  2. because its rolling, the direction of force will change if it’s local, make it global so it’ll still be left and right, changing to linv will make it act more like a jump
  3. so you can make it bounce and stuff! mess with these settings!

For some reason my computer is screwed (limewire) and ONLY says that the file is incomplete to GAY blender projects. lol :smiley:


I mean that he has been lying in the past about his skills and im not downloading something that he did in a small amount of time without any proof that its good.

thats clever thumbs up

Oh, I see…

Hmm, that was more like a test that a comlete beginner would make, the controls are crap, theres no real point to the game, you cant even get up the staries.

So yes this is more of a beginners FIRST game try, when you say you have xp, you must not have very much.

Man, I can’t wait tell this guy will finnaly give up. He has posted 3 threads and everyone of them are crap! Maybe if we just keep on hurting his feelings he will leave. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Yeah I know…it’s mean

Utter Garbage. Kthanks. end.

u know honestly i don’t like these forums. see i like forums with people that give u support :’( here all i’m getting is shit.

I couldn’t download the file, but you get what you put into the forums; people won’t say “great job” to crap.
I admit they were a little harsh though.

Well, there was nothing interesting about it at this stage. If he wanted people to become interested with it he would have to add some serious inovation. Don’t see it as a reason to leave the forum or quit using blender. Most of us have seen tons of unfinished game projects, projects that have no originality, or projects that rely on others for help. This just seems like another one of those projects. Add some interesting stuff to the game, and people may reconsider.

EDIT: I read the other threads you started. I find it really hard to beleive you have tons of experience (I’ve started using it seriously for only a couple of months, and I knew the answers to your questions). Everyone has to start somewhere and most people here respect that, but saying you are good at BGE then producing this loses tons of credibility.