Game Deployer Question

(Dianoga) #1

I am just wondering how do you set Blender so that when ppl try your game they can’t edit your model or use any of the editting buttons?
Thanks for any help:)

(OTO) #2

It’s not possible to lock your demo in the Creator Version.
Only with Blender Publisher version.

(saluk) #3

Hey OTO! Where have you been? What have you been up to?

(guru202) #4

This PSEUDO-LOCK tecnique should work,

Save two versions of your final game. One version will be your DEVELOPMENT version and the other will be your RELEASE version.

Save the DEVELOPMENT version with all scenes intact so that the file can be edited later. Back it up to floppy disk or CDR. CDR is best when backing up different versions of the DEVELOPMENT file.

Save the RELEASE version after doing the following:

  1. create a scene that only displays the 3D view in fullscren.
  2. remove the header from that scene.
  3. delete all scenes except the 3D fullscreen view
  4. set the game to AUTORUN
  5. save the file with a new name i.e. “gameRLSE.blend”
  6. Then distribute the final game

The only drawback to this is that people will have to contact you if they want to study your game structure. But hey, then you’ll know whose using your stuff because only you will be able to distribute the DEVELOPMENT version with all the edit screens available :stuck_out_tongue:
The choice is yours: OPEN-SOURCE or CLOSED-SOURCE? :x
But, that’s how you do it. Best of luck to you :smiley:

(saluk) #5

It can still be easily hacked however; the gamedeployer method (by the wonderful SW), or the up and coming publisher release (2.25) which allows you to lock blends, are the best options.