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Hi All,


I am very much interested in ios gaming. I have around 5 game ideas and I want to get it developed.
I have drawn rough pencil sketches of all 5 game ideas But I will be handing over the full game for development to free lancers. Before doing that I would like to handover computer sketches of the game
I mean if it is a single level game, a clear sketch of the layout of the level has to be drawn and given
If it is multi level game , then a rough computer sketch / model of each level has to be drawn and handed over.

My question is can Blender help in doing this [I am completely new to Blender ] , I mean sketching the game levels for both 2d games and 3d games.
No animation is required, simple static sketches like snapshots of the game layout is what I want to do
Please let me know.

Ex: Like if you are seeing the first screen of Angry birds , you can see a slingshot , birds , background,
layout , score position , structure , literally everything

same way I would like to represent my game in both 2d and 3d depending on what the game depends

I need one tool which can help me do that

Thank you in advance

It depends on whether the games are 2D or 3D.

For 3D, Blender can indeed do the job because it’s a 3D application by nature (you can make your scene and render it out in the form of an image).

For 2D, it might be better to simply use an application designed around 2D painting and drawing (perhaps give Krita a shot).

You could even use both apps. together if you were to do things like composite 2D graphics over a 3D image (which Blender can do via its compositor).

Thank you.

Ok but I would like to use only one tool for both 2D and 3D sketches.

Can I not use blender for making 2d sketches , I mean to say , displaying the objects in the 2d plane and later
as suggested by you , rendering it as an image.

Sorry If i my questions looks stupid, I dont have any knowledge on designing and zero knowledge on blender tool

I wanted to confirm before I start learning it and using it for a long time

Thank you.

you can do that with blender, i find it easier to make some main shapes first using shadeless 2D curves or even 3d meshes. for quick sketching i use the grease pencil since they can easily be converted to curves. the paint tools are okay but some features are missing, the compositor can fill the gap and there is always the possibility of editing externally with another program. did I mention freestyle?


I think for implementing your ideas and thoughts you should have to be master of all traders. You should know coding and every thing including basics. how game development works.