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Hey guys this is Blendinguser here. I decided it was finally time to start recruiting people for my game design company. Its not a paying job just some people who want to work to work together to accomplish master pieces. Now to the hard part… I don’t want this to be a noob team here so I’m only taking people who are good at what they do… we all need to pull our weight.
Hope i didn’t sound to harsh. Reply in the comments if your interested.

Asylum (Current Project) -
Youtube Channel -
If you wish to know current projects join the team.

Blendinguser; Texture Artist__Team Leader__ Inorganic Modeler' Sunjay03; Scripter__Web master

I will join. Although I really wont have much time for the next month. It really depends on your project. If I am really interested, I will join.

Okay cool Sunjay as programmer. Anyone else interested?

Sounds cool, I love modeling and animating so I will join too. But I won’t have time to work these three weeks.

Yeah. Thats what I said as well. :wink:
Do you have a website or something? Or do you have some models/animated models to show?


Can you post a game idea or something? Mabye some screenies. you want to make sure were good but how do we know your good?

Yes, I have a webpage: (I’m not done with the translating yet)
I’m also on Blender Newbies forum so you can see some of my projects there.
And youtube:
I also have a fully rigged and textured explorer man model that i made a few months ago, I you want I could send a picture.
bye, blendermonkey

edit: sorry, I wasn’t sure if the website question was intended for me.

So you will be a modeler? If you be the modeler, then we have an animator and a scripter…which means that we are pretty much set!


EDIT: I just realized how many "er"s there were… :wink: Whoops!

Ok, cool. But we still lack a texture artist. Could you maybe tell us now what the project is about?

I might join. I can animate and model and create cutscenes. I’m best at creating cutscenes and modeling.

Hey guys can you leave a reply with your skype user name and youtube account. Thank you

 P.S    Blendermonkey, Pirate Man do you have anything i can look at to see your  past works?

Here is a thread with a bunch if my ships on it.

Interesting, did you model and texture them?


Well, I don’t have skype but I do have msn: [email protected]
and a regular e-mail: [email protected]
my website: (models, animations, competitions)
and a blog that nobody reads:

And my model. I hope we can use him:
I made a few actions just to test it:
up arrow - walk
shift + up arrow -duck walk
space -jump

bye, blendermonkey