Game Dev Challenge ?

Hi developers,
I was wondering do you want to take a weekend off from your current projects and participate in the Blender Game Making Challenge 6.
We already had 5 of them on the forum here and some interesting prototypes where developed. You can check them out on the blog they are all free.

If you are interested please let me know by posting your suggestion for the theme of the challenge.

Themes suggested:
-Sky x2
-Black holes
-fun/smart AI
-arcade game

-Josip Kladaric

Good, I’ll try to participate, but I won’t be able to develop much during a weekend.
I’d like the theme to be: “Sky”

You don’t have to make a whole game, just the core mechanics to see if its fun or not. Then if you like it you can continue working on it later. For example project SWAP by mrn is a game started during the challenge and then he continued working on it because of good response from players. You can buy the game now on desura.

Combine with Ludum Dare / miniLD ?

They have a nice and big community already. They also have a play-&-vote system afterwards.
You could e.g. do BGMC at the same time with same or different theme so people can contribute to both jams.

There is also

Would be nice to see BGMC integrated and not being another Game Jam.

When I see how many people want to participate we will then decide on including our games in other challenges.

depending on the weekend I will participate

What is your suggestion for the theme ?
What weekend is good for you ?

I’d probably want to join in. Maybe this coming weekend, or the weekend after next? A cool theme might be “abstract” or “black holes”. I think tying it into the Ludum Dare might be a good idea. It’s a little far away, but the time could help you prepare.

Thanks SolarLune, I added both themes you suggested and your name to the participants list.
If majority of participants wants to do it in the same time as Ludum Dare then we will do it but I don’t know how many BGE users participate in Ludum Dare.

Nice to see this going again. I’ll probably participate when it starts.

Great, so we already have 4 possible developers. Mokazon can you please suggest a theme and let me know is this weekend ok with you ?

I know this sounds amazing, but I REALLY would like to see all of you work on 1 game together, with blender verse etc,

I think you could give the BGE a very nice “piece o candy” every week :slight_smile:

Add in ad revenue, and tutorials made during the “bash out” and then you can all make money, and pay the BGE dev team to make blender get features faster, and get many interesting solutions into the wild,

I will participate in the “build off”
Can you email me @ the start? [email protected]
I tend to forget times/dates

This challenge is not about that. Visit the blog and go to the rules page to read more about the challenge. If you don’t want to participate or suggest a theme don’t post here.

If we have enough developers I will make a new thread officially announcing the challenge, the theme and the time frame.

Josip, dude, please don’t be so… rigid…

I suggested something and said I would participate, not everything is about… corrections…

it just rubs me the wrong way…

I am on topicish…

Josip, any weekend will work fine for me. As for a theme… hm… what about doing a theme focusing on fun/smart AI?

I added that to the list. Some games with computer controlled characters would be very useful for people later.

i will be starting school next week, so i would be in that, but if you do it THIS weekend, i may participate, and a theme? could be top down arcade game?

That could be fun, yeah. Artificial Intelligence can be complex, but making one that really seems intelligent would be fun to do, especially since different people would have different methods.

I would love to!!!
Do we have to pay anything in or is it a open comp?


I am ready whenever :slight_smile:

It will most likely be this weekend, I added your theme to the list.

No, there are no payments, its just a challenge. The goal is to make a game in ~2 days and compare it with others. Then after its done, we play each others games and vote for the best one. And we are learning stuff the whole time :slight_smile: