Game Dev Team looking for new Members! (FIXED Formatting!)

Greetings everyone!

CrackPot Games is looking for some new team members.

About the Team CrackPot games is a small indie games studio with team members from all over the world. Focusing on epic based technologies such as the UDK (Unreal Development Kit). Using a variety of tools

UDK Editor, Blender, 3DMax, Gimp, Illustrator, MyPaint, Photoshop, CrazyBump

We are not looking to make the next Halo with high end cut scenes or the next Fable RPG style game with a huge story and asset creation list. We want to focus on small multiplayers games, that can be prototyped very quickly and get into production as soon as possible.

Although at some stage in the future we would like to profit from making games, we are very realistic about our goals and the truth is no one knows we exists yet let alone wants to buy our games. So the goal right now is to focus on creating some free to play games and get our name out there.

The aim of the first project is really to source serious amateur game developers, who can work together on more projects in the future.

About the Game

Project Arena is a Cyberpunk multiplayer third person shooter set in the near future. Things such as money, military power or political influence are no longer important, the only thing that is worth anything is DATA. Whether it be personal data, financial data or research data, whoever possesses it is in control and people are willing to kill just to possess it.

Although nothing has been finalized yet, we are actively prototyping some ideas already. One of these ideas is the game mode Cyber Bomb. The general idea behind this game mode is the collection of data packets/resources that spawn randomly around the map. It is up to both teams to work together in order to secure and return these data packets/resources back to there base.

As more resource are collected the team moves up in tiers, allowing new weapons and gadgets to be unlocked. The final tier of which unlocks the EMP bomb, this must be planted in the enemy base/HQ. If this bomb is not disarmed in time it will exploded and the game is over.

Regardless of the game mode, all maps include a variety of game play features such as control points, gun turrets and all kinds of environmental hazards which can be secured and controlled, keeping the players on their toes.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a bunch of people who are willing to regularly come online, hang out on Skype and create/play games together. There is no reason we cant have team meetings whilst playing Count Strike or League of Legends Haha :-D.

Although we already have a few people on the team we are in need of a few more. The most urgent of positions currently available are: Animators:

  • The animation of human character models
  • The animation of weapons
  • The animation of environment props

Texture Artist:

  • Textures for various player models
  • Textures for various environment props
  • Textures for building and floors
  • Textures for various Decals

Flash Designer:You will be working very closely with the coders on the team to produce ScaleFX compatible flash moves, that will be used for the in game menu system.Concept artists:Two concept artists are needed One for environmental concept art (Building, scenery, general world layout) Another concept artist is needed for the design of new props that will be spread around the map. Computer screens, tables, chars, trash can, railings, etc…Note this is a very import role and you will be expected to help give the project more direction and spark new ideas about how the game as whole should look and feel.

Note we already have tasks lined up that can be started on today. So if you serious about getting on board with a project and willing to spends a few hours a day, at lest a couple of times a week get in touch.

Here are some examples of content so far:
Map Wire frame:

There are a lot more examples but i am limited by the amount of links i can post.


This is, arguably one of the best introduction for a game, since i’ve been on the forums!
i cannot help (why did i post!?) but wish you the best of luck with this project :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the feedback agoose77 it always helps. I did try and put as much effort as i could into the post, becuase i want people to see we are serious and not just another group that talks nonsense all day and never makes anything.

Update: 2011-06-04 We are still in need of some extra people to join the team. The most urgent of which is an animator. We have recruited several new concept artists thanks to the post. GamerKnight

I can’t promise anything but could I see what you need animated and then let me give it a shot.I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to animation especially if the conditions are right. I am not to bad at prop modeling which I like doing the most.