Game Dev Team

Hi, im looking for some people to Join my game dev team.
Iam looking for anyone who can script model etc.
Iam also looking for noobs or pros or intermediates.

Basically i’m looking for a team to make all kinds of games with.
New and fresh ideas are welcome, if we finish a game and sell it the money would be like this

Person one - 25%
Person two - 25% - these are examples
person three - 25%
person four - 25%
me - 0%

why you may ask, i dont need money because of my age and i dont want it. I am making game to learn more python, BGE and other skills. My goal of knowing complete python would be in 3 - 4 years.
The team name is currently Freak Fighters because of my latest project. if you come up with a good name we can change it.

Please Join :slight_smile: ( iam looking for a team of up to 12 people)

I want to join but I am not qualified to do this now! Still noob!

yeah, it doesnt matter cause iam intermediate learning python and since your noob you could use the python scripts we make for future projects.