Game Dev Tool Idea - need help to get started

OK. I have a dream…no, wait…let’s just say idea. Anyone who’s tried to make a game in blender will know that the only way to get a HUD or menu is to actually model it like a level in a new scene and stick logic and python scripts to everything to get the effects you want. This is very tricky for just a menu. My idea is to write a program that allows you to do this with a blender game. If each level and stuff is made in a seperate scene, you could import the blend file into this program and add a menu and say where the program goes once each scene is finished. You could also add a HUD to the in gane screen which gets its data from like a python script or something. Oh, and you could compile the game with its’ own icon rather than the blender one. Now, even if i havent explained this well, i swear it’ll work and make things easy. However, i need help to get started. I neeed a way to view the blender source code. I know what your going to say, you can download it. Well i did and i have had a few problems using it. All i need is the code for the game engine (including anything the game engine uses like animations), and a way to actually read .blend files. Using notepad just dont cut it as all i get is gibberish. Anyone who can help me would be nice. Once i have that i am going to start developing the program. Please help me asap!!! (by the way i am on windows so anyone offering help from another platform will have to bear that in mind. a linux version wont be too hard as i have a linux, but until then i am doing this on windows.)

P.S. Soz about the poor, unfunny joke at the beginning, couldnt help myself.

Huh ?

It kinda sounds like your want to make a program to implement your own gui (menus and what not) However it also sounds like your trying to make that same program read a blender file to play its contents.

That talk of building a whole new engine, Thats a huge project and your going to need some major programing experence. I do some programing and im not even close to doing anything like that.

You ever thought about just making some python script to make menus scenes (not realtime script) This would be much easier to acomplish.

I think the idea of a python script sounds easier, but im not sure if it will work as well as a seperate application. however, you did misunderstand me about the game engine. i want to use the blender game engine and compiler, not make a new one. im having problems extracting the relevant code as i use windows and most of the source code was for linux or mac (no file extensions). i’ll look into the python idea, but i dont know how to make a python script that works in blender, i’ve never done that before.