Game Developer/Programmer

Greetings from ACE EdVenture Studio!

We are an Education Games Developer based in Malaysia. We have just completed our first RPG and currently looking for game developers to join our team for our upcoming education games.

Available Positions: Lead, Senior & Junior

Platforms: iOS, Android & Web/PC
Genre: 3D RPG

Attached is a video that briefly explains how we started and where we are heading (

Anyone interested to explore this opportunity further, kindly drop me a private message and I will share more details with you.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Vincent Xu
ACE EdVenture Digital
M : +6016 358 2486

making fast and good looking games on web browser api’s is difficult, I have knowledge and ability for flash/actionscript and crosscompiling for embedded environments, also I want to make educational games. abicuss’s, geometric puzzles, symmetry matching.

Do you have any plans to develop for pc/mac with the BGE? I can do that, but I am not proficient in android, or IOS/iphone.

Using something like burster, you can serve games in a browser, if someone could setup secure html 5 connection handlers, the bge could even have in game stores etc.

The bge is a very easy to develop pipeline, but the engine needs some work,
However if some time were spent on html 5 , the bge could target all platforms via the browser.

You crazy.