Game developers wanted for commercial project


Here is the chance for some of you serious game developers/geeks to use your hobby to earn some money!

I have a potential client (depending on the cost) who needs something: I had a look at the game engine and I think it can do it, but I do not have the “bandwidth” right now to do it myself. (I have been using Blender for a few years and can help myself very well with modeling, texturing, animation, etc., but I am new to the game engine. The learning curve will be too steep and I will run out of time…)

This is not really a game, but a coaching tool for a 7-a-side-rugby team. So, you don’t have to worry about EA-type realism rugby game!

I wrote a first version of a specification, which can be found here. Have a look at it and let me know if you (and other team members) may be interested. IF you agree that it can be done and that you are indeed ABLE to do it, then let’s talk. I would like to prepare a quote for the customer and I am willing to formally contract and pay you through a contracting agency, where I have to pay in your money BEFORE the time and it will be held in escrow - until such time as you complete the job as agreed.

If the customer approves, this will be a serious project, so I cannot afford some guy try to make a quick buck who cannot deliver the goods. All you will be doing is wasting your and my time and not be financially rewarded in the end.

This does not have to be a one-man thing where winner-takes-all. You can team up to plan and execute this, but I need to present the cost to the client for approval - before I can commit.

However, I need assurance of the following:

  • Assurance that you can INDEED do it, NOT maybe. If you think there are areas of uncertainty, please tell me - and let’s experiment in those areas to reduce risk.
  • A definite commitment that, if you are in, you will see it through to completion. You cannot run out on me once we run into technical hiccups or you “don’t feel like it anymore”!I would therefore need the following from you (you can PM me):
  • An initial estimate of costs (per phase). I am from South Africa: our monetary unit is not very strong against the Dollar, Euro or Pound - so please be reasonable.
  • An estimate of duration (per phase)
  • An indication of problem areas that you may struggle with to meet in the specification
  • Areas where the you need more clarity in the specification
  • Tips/suggestions you may have to change things in the specification that may simplify things in the BGE.
  • Team size (if more than one person)
  • Some references: games you have done or worked on (and your role on it), other game developers or people who can vouch for you, coding skills, etc.In order to be fair, I may make some answers public in order to give other candidates a fair chance, except where you believe it is your IP that only benefits you - we can discuss it.

Based on your responses, I will draw up a short list of candidates with whom we can refine and finalise the eventual contract.

PS: If somebody feels that this will be better handled in the new upcoming Blender/Crystal Space integration (Project Apricot) then let me know.