Game development book: Looking for 3D Artist!

Hi everybody!

I am currently working on a book about OpenSource 3D game programming. The
book will discuss the development of a jump-and-run style game like “Spyro the
dragon” known from the Playstation. The book is planned to be released in
summer 2007 in germany.

Starting with a brush-up on vector mathematics, the book will cover quaternions,
collision detection, scene graph technology and culling techniques for example. Every
chapter adds another feature to the game aiming for a complete, playable 3D
game. The finished game will be OpenSource as well and released to the

I need someone who models the main actor of the game as well as some
maps and decorating items in it. As it is a game, the models need to be “small”
in the meaning of polygon-count. The textures and u/v-mapping are needed as
well. The animations might be something I could get to work myself - but if someone
could do that, too I would not reject it :slight_smile:

This is no paid job - but we can talk about where and when you would like
your name and/or website to be mentioned in the book or/and on the corresponding
website. Other options may be possible as well - just ask.


I’m rather interested in building Role Playing Fanthasy Game or Dungeons and Dragons style with world on server side and client applications. Ofcourse only commercial project makes sense.