Game Development Camp 2009 (Sheep Happens)

tomorrow a week of gamemaking for 72 youngsters is nearing it’s end and i was one of the lucky paticipants.
At GDC we had a week to develop a game in blender GE.
To help us newbies we had a couple of visitors, Ron Camel (World of goo), and Daniel Salazar (ZanQdo on the forum).

Ours became Sheep happens, which basicly is a 2 player arcade, were you control 2 sheeps and destroy/protect a city.
follow the blog of the camp at

Tomorrow the deadline arrives and the 12 games will be judged and the games will be released.

It’s been fun having a look into the world of game developing, and it has definately been worth the time.


:o looks fun haha it remended me of silicon valley for n64 :wink: uhmm the img i think is a bmp you should save it as png cause it took a while to load :confused:

Very cute ^^

Looks great. Can’t wait to play it.

After a week of waiting for the camp to upload the games.
We have decided to upload our game

SheepHappens 1.0 with source. are working on a non GLSL version now, which we hope can be played on small laptops.

Edit: It is a multiplayer game using one computer… :slight_smile:

Hope you like it

Hi there, can’t download the file :frowning: can you upload somewhere else?

Hey ZanQdo

This time with mediafire

SheepHappens 1.0 with source.

Awesome, it works now :smiley:

BTW you can delete all the blend# files, those are just backups and are taking lots of space in the zip, also be sure to strip the binary (“strip SheepHappens.exe” on a cmd promt).


Very neat game there. I don’t have another person to play it with me right now, so I can’t get the full effect, but it seems like a lot of fun.

Why don’t you make a new thread for your game in the Finished Games board?

I will do so as soon as i get time to write a nice presentation :slight_smile:

This stripping of the binary, im not really sure how it works or how to do it, could somebody maybe explain it?
(Cmd doesnt recognize strip as a function)