Game development tools??

I dowloaded some games from the game contest page on but i’ve got some questions and maybe when they’re answhered everyone can use them.
questions: how make install file with uninstall and more? (program)
replace icon on realtime exe?
How to make without blender an presentation and when I click play it opens the game.exe. I’ll hope someone has useable URL’s
Thanks :smiley:

  1. Install the DrDoom game and look at the freeware installer notice on the end of the installation process, search google for that installer. I personally don’t like it tho, cos it doesn’t let you choose not to add a shortcut to the start menu.

  2. You need IconReplacer 1.1 Look at

3)What you mean like a powerpoint presentation? Well you can add a button to the presentation, set it to run a VB macro and then in the macro put the following:


…where C:\path\exefile.exe is the path of the compiled exe file. Alternatively you can embed the blend inside the presentation using the 3D plugin. Download the version with the OCX file in it and attach that to the powerpoint presentation in the normal way you would attach OCX files. You’ll have to save the blend file with either locked, signed, or compressed mode on in order to get rid of the logo

Hope you find that lot some help. :slight_smile:

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  1. Drdoom had an installer? I didn’t notice. I know the game I worked on (Shoot 'em!) did. I used Setup2Go. You can get it from several freeware websites, here’s one.
    I used it because it supports an uninstaller, and it can make subdirectories when unpacking, (the latter was neccessary to make sure all the file in shootem ended up in the right place.) Good luck finding another free installer that has both these features…

  2. IconReplacer is nice, but I use Resource Hacker, I had it before IconReplacer, and found no reason to switch. Yuo can find Resource Hacker at

  3. gorgan_almi seems to have that one covered.

Aah cool, I try this all out. Someone told me that’s possible to make a flash presentation and give a button an action to run an aplication from flash. When you hit the button it will run that aplication. Does someone know how to script that in flash or is it just basic actionscript.

If your running windows 2k or xp see what running “iexpress” from the run menu will do for you.

no uninstaller though, but if you want a license agreement you can put one in there… (probably can in other instalers too though, I wouldn’t know)

kind of a less-branded (none?) self-extracting archive.

Yeah sorry I ment shootem not drdoom. :expressionless:

Keith. 8)

wiseman303: Those are definitely keepers, thx! :slight_smile:

WOW!! :o An icon replacer for ANY exe!! COOL Thanks Wiseman!! :smiley:

Keith. 8)

Yeah resource hacker very handy for, chancing the windows layout theme even for Xp, chance also program layouts with just replace bitmaps. Really cool tool. But for making icons you must find something else because resourse hacker replace only the bitmap. But didn’t someone know how to make a game layout menu in flash and when I click play it opens the game and you can play. I already tried it with html but then you must have a browser.

For the flash intro:
Give a button symbol the following action:

on (release) {
	fscommand ("exec", "\\path\\game.exe");
	fscommand ("quit");

That will do the trick, open the exe and close the flashintro…
[just make sure you’ve exported your flash movie into an exe]

ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE DOUBLE “” or it won’t work… but i think you will always have your flash exe along with your blender exe in the same dir so… just forget the path…

That’s fun! Never tried until now!