Game Development

Heyho Everyone,

I am currently starting to develope a game with a friend of mine and we were looking for some more people, that want to join. The game we want to do is supposed to develope through time. First we just want to get a chaackter running, then add a crafting and a building system like in Rust, Ark, Unturned or similar games. The designe should be low-poly like astroneer and the pov should be 3rd Person and maybe 1st Person.

So if you are interested and are able to do anything to help us feel free to contact me.

PS: We want to start small and grow as it goes.

Yo guys, what up. I’m interested in helping y’all out, especially since it seems like you’re taking a slow but steady approach to your project. I’m somewhat new to Blender but I’ve been working with low-poly recently and I could certainly use more practice. I can do modelling, texturing, rigging, and animating-- the whole cannoli. What engine are you using? What would you like to see as an example?