Game Editor and loader (pacman game)

Hi I making on my new project! Its realtime Editor

arrow = camera moving
middle button (mouse whell) + mouse moving = camera rotate

    • on numeric = zoom
      Top frame + mouse click = select mesh
      mouse click on place = place mesh
      numeric 4 , 6 = rotate object under cursor
      Pgup , PGdown = moving up or down mesh under cursor
      F2 save!

F1 , F2 change camera
arrow = walk
mouse = rotate of avatar
0 on numeric = duck
left mouse button = jump

The file is corrupt :frowning: .
Looks cool tho… :smiley:


Nice work, really easy to use. Will you be developing the actual game part of it more?

Its only demo for testing editor!!!
I am making game same as pacman with guns and bombs!
Mix Counterstrike, quake, pacman , bomberman.

Now testing AI
It based on ray sensor and calculating distance to wall.
It work realy fine!!

The full game is develop on january 2006

sorry for corrupt file but my FTP provider is realy horrible!!!

wow, that is awesome! This is a great example of blender’s true power. :smiley:

very cool, but any way to change the resolution?

I haven’t see the file., but the screens looks really really nice! :slight_smile:

Nice work :wink:

Awesome. I remember a christmas game contest entry to build your own houses or things with blocks inside blender. But this is a way cooler. Does it even support raise and lower terain? How did you made this, must be a lot of work. :o

File is no corrup but any people cant downloaded it and most people downloading without problem!

Yes my editor support lower and raise terrain!

Its realy easy to work custom editro, but this is Hardcore of Python!!!


If mouse over and pressing key
  Change Ipo

If mouse over and mouse Left
  Replace mesh

Saving work with Append infos to file.


Loading line as List

[line1,line2,line3, …]

and reading list and assing parameter from list!

i’ll admit it - i’m blown away. well done.

i know how much work this has been, but have you considered open the source files to the community?

it would be an invaluable resource for all the game makers out there.


just change the extension to .blend, or open the exe in 2.25…

Yes! Rename extension to *.blend

But this python is realy unreadable.

I am pig on writing!!!
Now I writing free version of editor. with source and quite readable python.

Its Hardcore!!!

Now I’ve just see it :o , looks great!

nice work again :wink:

im always impressed by the bits and pieces you produce milikiller and this is no exception - fantastic work.

i thought about building a “world editor” for my myst translations project but figured it would be too difficult to do in blender - as usual youve proven me wrong

the things you do in blender show the game engine at its best

keep it up



New screen!

I 've done some similar with the blood in my game :wink: , Your screen slook nice :smiley:

This game looks quiet awesome, something like a Quake deathmatch. You’re planning to add more aliens and monsters? :stuck_out_tongue: Great work, I really like the map editor. :smiley:

This game Have Multiplayer!!

Dethmatch, capture the flag, team deth match, and Domination!

all with Max 20 Player!!! For multiplayer using homemade Visual Basic LAN transfer app.