Game eng. animation

so i have a physics thing going in the game eng, (its a marble run =P) but i would like to record it in a animation so i can render it and stuff. i clicked the “save as ISO” or whatever, but when i “P” play it seems to play faster and dont let me like advance it frame by frame anything? any help?

Explain yourself a little better, are you using 2.4x or 2.5x and how did you get to what you already have.

When you save as IPO, blender records the animation data from the physics in the game. it starts recording when you press “P”, which starts the game engine. I also have seen that it speeds things up for some reason, but that doesnt affect the recording. when you stop the game engine and playback animation in the 3d view, (Alt-A) the physics should be recorded, and you can advance thru the animation like any keyframed animation.