game eng marble physics

so im playing around with the physics in the game eng. i no just the very basics so far. what im kinda playing with is making a marble run type thing. so far what i have is that i made a braz curve and then duplicated and bla bla to make a short little track. i then alt + C to make it a mesh. i check the actor button and have it set on static. i have the bounds set on convex hull. i then just have a sphere over the track and gave it the actor button, dynamic settings, and a sphere bounds setting. when i ยง play it the sphere drops and hit the marble run but does not make tis way down. its like its just hitting a invisible plane on it and wont roll any way.

thx for all the help guys! great to have such a good community to come to for help =)

The Sphere should be on rigid body to roll properly. This may solve the problem. Also the track might work better with triangle mesh bounds.

thanks so much man =) its working just like i wanted it to now!