game engin

hey guys
i’m trying to make a simple game but i’ve had a bit of a problem.
my character (a dragon) is ment to fly but when i go into the game engin, it falls to the ground. i whant to be able to controle his hight so that he can go higher or closer to the ground but no matter what i do he falls.:confused:

I’m not 100% on the game engine, but there is a “gravity” option in the scene menu.

Asked my son this one, he came up with:

If the dragon is a dynamic object, then add an always sensor, with true enabled on it. Add an actuator and connect to the sensor. Give the actuator a force of 9.8 with local turned off.


Make the spacebar add z + 5 on linv and make sure local is on. This makes spacebar a ‘gain altitude’ control.

Stuart and Raphael