Game engine action actuator won't run actions with rigged model

Running Blender 2.62.

Hello everybody, I am having difficulty in getting the game engine action actuator in the game logic screen to animate my model. The model I am using is a basic human base mesh which I downloaded and then rigged myself. The rigged animation itself works, but if I save it as an action for the model in the dope sheet and then try to get the game engine action actuator to run it there is no response when I make the appropriate key stroke. I have tried setting the priority to 0 and to 1 and have made sure that the start & stop frames for the animation are correctly set. The named action appears in the list when I select the action I want to run - it just won’t respond. I know the game engine commands are getting through because the model does respond to simple motion like rotation etc.

Also, I tested the game engine with a really simple mesh and rig (two cubes and two bones) and this animation works in the game engine as it is supposed to. Is there some setting on the base mesh that I should be aware of perhaps, which stops it from animating in the game engine? I have attached the blend file so you can try it yourself.

Press space bar to run the game engine command (for both the cubes and the human) and run the animation at top right to see that the animation itself is working.

Very frustrating problem and would appreciate any help, thank you,




game_char_test.blend (1.06 MB)

Hi Gaz,

I can relate with the frustration of trying to find the root cause of a problem. In this case you just need to delete (or apply) the Subsurf modifier on the human mesh. Works perfectly after that. It took me a while to find, but it was a fun hunt while it lasted :wink:

happy blending


Thanks for your response but when I try to apply the sub-surface modifier I receive an error message: “modifier is disabled, skipping apply” I’m guessing this didn’t happen when you ran the file? I wonder if it’s a version problem??



Try deleting the sub-surf, un-parenting, then re-adding the sub-surf, apply it and then re-parent.

Got it working now. For some reason I had to delete the original subsurface modifier in the modifier list, then apply the armature modifier, then re-add the sub-surface modifier and apply it and then it seems to work. Weird! Anyway thank you very much for your assistance. Much appreciated.