game engine and node textures

ok so I setup a nice paralax map in Nodes (2.49b) and it renders fine but in the GE the surfaces are blank. I have the mesh unwrapped, how do I apply a node material for use in the GE?

or do I need to use Texture nodes, versus Material Nodes?

testing that myself now, dang had it just the way I wanted it too.

confused, please help, how can I use node textures in the GE? (blender 2.49b)

odd, it would seem bump maps are very weak in blender 2.49b, and it would seem that the texture you use for the GE must be physically applied before editing it in the node editor, otherwise any purely node textures are ignored by the GE.

I still need help… is there any way to get the GE to recognise any and all node textures?


I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess close to 100 viewers want some information on this.

and I’m gonna tell you that I figured out how to use this operation of node textures in a game.

From what I can tell:

1: you cannot use Blender Textures as texture materials in the Game Engine this includes combining them in nodes!

2: Only Images loaded from file are read by the Game Engine, but are limited to 1 UV

3: it is unknown yet if the use of multiple Images is allowed in the Game Engine normally and/or in nodes, I will test this.

1: Correct, procedural texture are not supported, just the Image type
2: Partially correct. As noted above, the Image format is the only one that works. However, you can use multiple UVs in the game engine (up to 8 I believe). Unfortunately there is a bug with using multiple uv layers with nodes where only the selected uv layer works in the node set up during run time.
3: You can use multiple images in the game engine. It is very common to have multiple textures (e.g. diffuse, specular, normal).

thanks for explaining 3.

as for #2, do you mean I can take each mesh and assign 8 different UV’s to it? (obviously by different vertex groups) if so thanks for the info I had done this before but didn’t know it was limited to 8 per object.

I suppose I’ll add a #4 into this conversation:

Composite, So, say I want to make an animated image, yeah I saw blendenzo’s tutorial for it, but what about placing image frames in the composit window (not nodes) then loading the image stream from the compositor to a material texture, would it work?

just theorizing I can suspect that once it’s open in the compositor I could open that stream as an image and set it to sequence.

By the way, the UV limit may also depend on if you are in single texture, multi texture, or GLSL mode.

As for number 4, are you referring to compositing nodes (which do not work in the BGE) or the visual sequence editor? I am not sure if sequences defined in the sequence editor will work in the BGE or not. I have never tried. My guess is it wont work, but that is just a guess.