Game engine and the particle system

How does particle systems work with the new game engine? I know the Apricot team will put up some tutorials some time soon but i want to start testing a laser beam particle system and an engine thruster ps right away for a game i’m working on.

Also is there a chance for us to get a look at the new game engine api docs?

the current particle system does not work in the game engine. They must be faked with a bunch of IPO and motion actuators.

Anyone know if there are plans to get particles working in BGE anytime soon?

I dont see that ever happening.
It would be impractical to try to get the particle engine working in-game.

But you can fake them using the edit object > add object actuator and with motion/ipo as mentioned above. But the edit object actuator is by far the best method.

Throw in some python scripting or Logic Bricks and you can pretty much develop whatever particle types you want.