Game Engine animating in slow motion

I’ll rig up my game engine to cause an object to fall onto another, or a ball to roll down a slope (It’s easier than keyframing smooth animation, I’m lazy) but after I tick the “record animation” option under the game drop down box and play the animation at 24 FPS it always ends up in super slow motion.

I’ve tried to set the FPS to 24 but it’s always slow motion. Although this is a desirable effect on some of my rigs, its not on this one. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I’m not attaching a .blend file because it’s not a very hard problem to recreate.

Sorry if this was hard to understand, I’m working on improving how I phrase my questions.

It’s probably because the game engine runs at 60 fps on the default settings, so you end up recording at 60 fps and playing the animation back at 24 fps. Try changing the animation frame rate (under Render->Display, and you have to set the render mode to Blender Game to see the option) to 60 and see if that fixes it.

That sounds like the bug reported here. However, if I time how long it takes for the box to fall off the edge of the plane in the BGE and then in the animation afterwards (30fps), they are about the same (I wasn’t super accurate with the timing). Setting the scene to 60fps makes the whole thing too fast. Could you please test if you’re still having the problem in 2.63a? If you are, could you please provide an example that very clearly demonstrates the problem?

That’s exactly the problem that I’m having, and yes I’m still having it in 2.63a. You asked for an example, how would I do that? Like how should I set up the scene (I know how to upload it)


I have the same problem with the current version 2.65.0 R53189.
I want to record some physics and use them in my animation which set up by keyframes.
If I have set up my animation with 24 fps and set under “Blender Game - Render” in Display Animation Frame Rate: 24

When I start the game engine everything works ok and I record the game animation. But when I then start the playback with “alt+A” the physic based animation is too slow.
Only when I set up 60fps then the playback in the Game engine and under Blender-Render are equal.

Is there no way to record it at 24fps??

Any help is appreciated…