Game Engine as performance tool

Hi all.

I’m thinking of using Blender as a realtime tool for visual performance.

What is the potential for generating or distorting meshes and other features conducive to ‘abstract visuals’?


Well, ideasman just completed a code pledge to put in Python access to mesh data. Those features are in SVN now, not 2.49. They should mean you can create new meshes from scratch via code, or modify existing ones.

With a bit of imagination, there’s a lot you can do with the current version and without mesh / py access. Actually, I’d suggest starting there. I’m thinking of the ability to spawn / duplicate objects, and use armatures and shape keys in them.

Wow… Accessing mesh data via python sounds perfect. Do you know if this is due to be implemented in 2.5?

Are armatures ‘bones’, and shape keys ways of morphing vertice positions?