Game Engine Bullet Physics ?'s

Hey everyone,
I’m just now playing around with bullet physics, and i have a question.

i notice that when you start a game physics animation, your objects ‘bounce’, naturally because of the gravity response. The only thing is, it sort of distorts things i want to make, like, i tried to build a brick wall, but it bounced and went crooked. i tried it again, perfectly lining up the edges, but it exploded the second i pressed ‘p’. are there ways to minimize the bounce and maintain the build of my objects?

also, are there ways to prevent ‘exploding’ when perfectly lining up edges?

the exploding happens when you have them inside each other, look at you objects in wireframe mode and you will see little dotted line circles. Do not intersect them or they will explode.
If you are using convex hull polytrope make sure you do not have the meshes touching or inside each other.

For bricks it’s best to use box bounds because they’re the most accurate and faster than convex hull polytope. Still there has to be a small gap between the objects, although you can reduce the size of collision margin with a script.