Game Engine, Burster and Screenshot

Hi everyone!!

I have a little problem making screnshots in-game. I’m trying both bge.render.makeScreenshot() and Rasterizer.makeScreenshot() and works fine inside blender and also exporting the runtime.
My problem starts when I try to use Burster. I have the code inside a blog and my .blend file in my public folder in dropbox. All works great except making screenshots.
Of course the problem is the path: which one should I use? I’ve tried with “//screenshot.png”, with double /, that is supposed to save the screenshot in the same folder that .blend is, but…what folder is that? Cache folder of the browser?
I’ve tried something like “C:/screenshot.png” too, but it doesn’t work neither.

Any idea about what could I try?? Please, let’s leave out the “Prt Scn” key…xD

Thanks in advance!!