Game Engine Character Help!

I’m having a problem with my rigged human model when I put it into game mode. I have him standing on a simple plane, but when I start up the game engine he falls through the plane half way and stops falling when the plane reaches his torso, so I’m only able to see half of his body. Please any help solving this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Make sure the object center is at his feet, you know the white dot or origin of the object. just tab into edit mode A to select all, grab on the z axis and move it up until the object center is at the characters feet.

Awesome! thanks!

No problem dude. I’m currently working on a script, and trying to look around for good ideas on how to go about a few things.

how do save the animtions so u can put them in your game.Do u know any good tuts that could help

OK basically you go into model view and split the view in half at the top. Now if you want an animation, in the right pane select action editor. You will see an arrow pointing up and down, click add new. Call this AC: (Action) WalkCycle, or whatever you want them to do. Firstly you will want their standing position of how you want them to be, to do this make them in their normal position and press <a> to select all the bones and then press <i> and choose LocRotScle. Go along a few frames by putting your mouse over the Action Editor panel and either dragging it or using the arrow keys. Now make the movement you want you character to make BUT they have to be in the same place. For example their legs, height, head, arms and body can move but there must be something in the middle exactly where it was before. When you have got the position select all <a> then press <i> and once again do LocRotScle do this and when you are finished take the first frame and select all of the diamonds in that frame by using box select <b> <click and drag> and pressing <Shift> <D> to duplicate it and move it to the end of the animation.

OK now for the logic panel. At the bottom you will have you’re buttons. Click on the symbol which looks like pacman. Now you will see lots of options but don’t fear. You will see Add, Add, Add underneath Sensors, Controllers and Actuators. You will want to press add on all of these once. On the first one change it to Keyboard and select the button you want to make the animation of them play then join it up by clicking on the first gold circle and dragging over to the other one. The Controller should say AND, this means the process WILL go through. On the actuator select Action. Now it will say AC: put in the name of your animation, in my case WalkCycle. Find what number the first and last frame of your animation is and last. Put these into it and where it says play go on the drop down box and select loop end.

I hope this has helped. PM me if you have any problems!