Game Engine Character Problems

Basically all i’m trying to do here is make my little character run and fall of the edge of the block he starts on. Tried so many different things and now i’m at my wits end. i have attached a .blend file with my character and 2 blocks, ‘W’ key makes him run forward. If anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it very much. I made this in blender 2.49.


physics test.blend (356 KB)

First of all, right now all of your player parts have static physics, and your armature has static physics. The reason the armature doesn’t fall is because static objects (like your buildings) don’t fall.

You player object should be dynamic physics in order to work.

The ideal setup is a collision box with dynamic physics and all of your movement logic.

Then make the armature a child of the collision box. armature and all of the player mesh objects should have no collision, or they’ll be colliding with the collision box, which is crazy talk.

Eh, here’s what it should look like


physics test.blend (360 KB)

Cheers mate, i had tried making the armature and the parts dynamic and the thing was just jumping around like mad, so i set it all back to static just to post that file. thanks mate, this really was driving me mad.