Game engine circles not correctly showing?!

Okay, so everything is happy-go-lucky until this. No matter what, the circles have something wrong with them. Even on a different scene and blender render (layered over game engine). I’m not sure why, it’s just not showing all the faces. Can you guys tell me why it happens?

thanks in advance

It would probably be best to show how it’s supposed to look (i.e. post a screenshot of how it’s supposed to look, or the image if the circles are a texture). I would guess that the scene’s not being run in the correct shader mode (i.e. not running in GLSL mode), or that you have some normals flipped. If so, go into edit mode, select the faces, and press Control+N to have them face outward. If they’re still flipped, you can manually flip normals using Control + F > Flip Normals in Edit-mode.

Hey thanks! The normals were wrong. Completely forgot, I wonder why they haven’t fixed that yet. The health part of the hud works now, I did have trouble with the center hud for other reasons but I figured it out.