Game Engine Collision Bugs

Here is one example file. With BulletPhysics substeps set to 1 it works as expected but with substeps set to 5 the result is not the same. The ball should clear on all collisions but sometimes it gets pushed. Also , very low image quality in the distance even with 16x AA and 16x Anisotropic filtering.


Grid 003.blend (205 KB)

The most common game engine collision bug made me stop using blender all together. Trying to get a triangle/pryamid to slide on a flat platform using actual collisions detection AKA convex hull (instead of box collision detection) just isn’t possible. if even the most simple thing (sliding two objects that touch, without having to “trick” the game engine) can’t be done, then what’s the point in trying to learn anything else. It’s like having to assemble your keyboard everything you want to use it… why bother when it should just be assembled the right way already?

point being, if you want it to work, you probably have to “trick” the game engine…something like creating an empty or a flat plan and put it’s collision detection to box or something…it was such a heart break to find out something so simple still isn’t solved after how many different upgrades, patches, revisions, etc?

What in the universe are you talking about?? Collisions work quiet well on every value of substeps…


RigidPyramid.blend (494 KB)

A quick test with a pyramid bouncing up when it collides with a floor works for me (even with the substeps set to 5).

This is when it falls onto the plane, I’m not sure if it’s any different if it rolls onto it.