Game engine compairson

Any one know the pros and cons of the 2 game engines Blender and Unity free? Also what is in unity pro that is not in the free version?

Also what is in unity pro that is not in the free version?
Press the License Comparison link

maybe a thread needs to be opened on how to ask a question here is a hint: type it in google first.

I googled it and have been reading and I want to ask here? Why are you so mean?

I think what he meant was, if you searched for this topic on google first and you find what you’re looking for, then you don’t have to bother to post a new thread and waiting for replies. And i suggest you do so. There were some threads posted about this topic in Game Engine Support and Discussion, perhaps you’ll find some useful info. Usually the thread title was: Unity vs. BGE.

A great website for game engines comparison:
You can sort your searching by the game engine’s status, platforms, licenses, programming languages, and features.

As a quick opinion from myself:
If you want to make games with cartoony effect, you should go with unity3d. It’s faster compared to BGE. But you should do more coding compared with if you’re using BGE (BGE’s logic bricks help you to develop your game with less coding).

But if you want to make games with realistic (not photorealistic) graphic, i recommend BGE. Unity3d (the free version) doesn’t support dynamic shadow and doesn’t support normal map.
In the end though, the quality of your game depends on your own skill.

Good luck.

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