Game Engine Competition - Logic Brick Only Category Voting Poll

Well done to all entrants - the quality level has been extremely high this year. However, there can only be one winner, so good luck to everyone. The poll will be up for 7 days.

If you haven’t tried some of the games, you can find them here…

Color Cube is awesome!

Seems like Cubes are all the rage for logic bricks. Both good games. Should be close :smiley:

Good job to everyone entering this contest! There are some awesome things done with just logicbricks. Colorcube especially is quite impressive… good job!

Neck and neck! Good luck to us both in getting more votes :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you download the games?

ok i figured it out, NVM

These logic brick only games amazed me. There were actually some of the best games in the competition. I voted for Stress Games because I enjoyed the cut scenes and such. However, Cube had great ai (especially for logic brick only o.O ). Color Cube is also addicting :slight_smile:

I knew Cube was logic bricks only, and it was a fun, but short game. Color Cube on the other hand, I assumed required python. When I found out it was logic bricks only it got me wondering how he managed to get it to work. Color cube gets my vote because I am stumped trying to figure out how it works.

Really the only things “impossible” with logicbricks are mouse control, networking, saving/loading, annnd… probably a lot of things that I’m forgetting. The point is, there are a LOT of things that you can do without code. Colorcube was definitely a very good “overall package,” the menu… the game… everything looked very nice. I’d like to know how you got the sound to play so well.

The sound system isn’t perfect in the BGE. I only use “play end” sound actuators for the sound effects.

Sorry for my poor English :smiley:

How will the judging work? I mean how can there be a community vote and judges at the same time?

When playing Cube I figured I would get in a good laugh leading the enemy cubes into the lava or over the edge. When they started to follow me over the lava and follow me around by jumping and avoiding other obstacles, I was impressed. While Cube got my vote, Color Cube also is a great game. Good job to everyone.

Was amazed to find color cube was logic bricks only, especially with such polished gameplay.

Even so, we had a lot of fun playing Wonder Woodlouse and and Cube too.
10 Worlds Of Tux was fun but quite short.

My vote is to cube! So hard Logic Bricks work.
Congratulations to all participants and to BGE developers!

Such a close run thing… Blenderheads have a thing about seeing a default cube every time they open the program? :spin::wink:

Had to go for Color Cube myself. Very addicting gameplay and fantastic puzzle concepts with a great execution. Make it 100 levels with a similarly scaling difficulty to the end (nearly impossible, massive levels at the end) and it would sell well on XBox Live or something, I think.

Oh - cube and colour cube are currently neck and neck :slight_smile:

I have just completed writing up some little summary reviews on all the games I have been able to play. Chances are your game is there. It’s not divided into catagories though, so I thought I better not post it on all three catagory threads.
it’s over at the old game comments thread, view here

sigh Agreed. I put all my time into the !&^%$^%$ logic and working around quirks in the GE and ended up with little time for creating levels. I have big plans to extend it though. :slight_smile:

Blendiac: Same with me. I had to make the level in one day :frowning: I am kind of disapointed that I didn’t get more votes because I REALLY worked hard on this. :frowning: sigh

Well, my game didnt even make it here, so, whatever.
Still, just becouse ur game havent got lots of votes, it doesnt mean its bad, its just the other games that are a bit better.
Dont worry, u will get there.

Btw, stress games got my vote.