Game Engine Competition - Winners Announced

Sam: I can’t beat level 2! LOL

Haha, alienkid, I realize that it’s a bit hard… but some of that has to do with the inconsistency of the controls (sometimes). There are weird things that throw people off (like losing all of your momentum when you land due to the friction on the ground) that I can easily iron out.

In theory, level 2 should be easy to do if I’ve done the controls right. I may add an easier in-between level before you get there :). What was your biggest problem getting through it?

Glad you enjoyed it though!

the jumping thing.(or is it level 3?) where there are suspended platforms and you have to jump across. Then the wierd switch part where you have to close the floor later in the level.

That cube game is a awesome!!!

Nice so far…too bad my computer sucks, so very slow… >.<

It says incomplete when I follow and download the Cube game, and then I get my basic Blender setup…
What’s up with that?

Does anyone have another link for download or maybe a way to open it up correctly?

The correct link for my game (Cube) is

Try and re-download it? It should also only run on 2.49a (newest blender version)


hmmm weird

  1. That link is dead (to me anyways)
  2. When I download from the link on page 1 where someone posted the three links, I just get 134 kb downloaded and a warning ‘file incomplete’…

Well if this won’t work out I’m afraid I’ll have to live without enjoying your game… :spin:

Same here, I have a very slow computer. But downloaded the cube game and it is great.:eek: congrats on my part to not just the winners but also the rest of the participants.:cool:

happy blendin

Strange…for some reason it just worked right…
I’m downloading as we speak and I’ll update this post with my opinion if it does work correctly now :wink:

Sorry, I guess this link was case-sensitive…

Correct link is, or just go to and click on the file.


Your game is quite impressive indeed :stuck_out_tongue:
Although I did get stuck in the second level because at first I couldn’t manage to get up, and when I finally got up to the point where you nearly finish, you gotta lead the dang white square to a hole…so I made that, and the floor went up next to me, and when I walked back I accidently fell to a lower floor, and got stuck without the falling walkpads, which meant I had to restart from death :frowning:

Anyways, great game, of course (otherwise you wouldn’t have won)
It has the most important aspect of a game; you get the feeling you HAVE to keep playing >.<
I’m curious as to how u thought this up

two poinst of irritation:

  1. view;
    –> you can’t see how far you have to jump every time, because the gap isn’t that clear (like in that second level end area)
  2. jumping;
    –> it bugged the hell outta me when I jumped and just didn’t make it, and also when I somehow managed to jump too far…
    (BTW the support beams blocked my jump to death once as well >.<)

Oh and I’d like to know how you made the background…Are that different levels covered in fog, and therefor white blocks or something?

Thanks for the feedback!

The second level turned out to be a bit harder than I’d planned… of course after playing it like 25 times or more I had a pretty good grasp on my own controls, while people going through it the first few times might not have them so perfected :).

In terms of depth perception… what would help? I tried to have a good balance of a forward view and a downwards angle. I had a lot of people having a hard time seeing where their guy was… maybe I’ll increase the angle.


There were some inconsistencies in the jumping… I plan on ironing these out and completely re-doing the whole movement system with Python, and I’ll release the full version eventually.

You could try avoiding jumps towards the player, because to me that was the hardest to guess how much speed I’d need…

Bit late but congratulations to the winners!