Game Engine conference?

I’m just curious as to how many people here might be interested in a blender conference specifically talored to the game engine. I know its pretty early in the year to even think about it, but im just curious…

As you all may know, I went to the Montreal BlenderCon last october, and while it was very cool and I had a great time and the presentations were just fantastic, I did come to realize one thing about this community even more so than I had in the past…its almost 2 seperate things. almost. I mean, no one at the conference had even touched the game engine before, and while everyone was very interested in what I had to say, I think alot of them didnt “get” some things. On the flip side of things, I myself hadnt even done a render in months(maybe years), outside of the occasional quick graphic, so some of the stuff they were presenting went over my head as well. So, it just seems to me that people who actually use the engine might appreciate presentations and lectures about the engine a bit more.

So, what do you all think? a game engine conference…hmm…

If only we could make some kind of virtual conference …
All of our avatars talking about GE in a cyberplace… wait a minute, but that’s elysiun’s forums :smiley: !

Seriously, where could this IRL conference takes place ? Montreal ?

eh, I dunno. im not saying that im planning on organizing such a thing, hell, im not even sure I could attend something like that, unless it was relatively close…im just curious as to what everyone else thinks.

I would attend but it would probaly be held over in europe somewhere. I am in the USA.

i would love to come but location and timeing, not to metion cost! i’m in south africa, not a large enouph gaming comunity here, but europ is definatly more central than america. then all i need now is amout 2 moth salary and time off and i’m ther :wink:

It seems like a great idea, but unless it’s in New England I probably wouldn’t be able to make it.

A long time ago when we are just kids the oldschool used to camping in the frontgarden of someone… i don’t remember who… maybe Ton?

Just mentioned that because a place to stay is one of the most espensive parts of a trip.

Btw the idea of making a Conference for Gamengine is just great!

Make it in FL. 8)

We could just hyjack a part of the Blender Conference and after having Suzanne awards for stills, then animation, make this year’s award about games 8)

Or have more Suzanne categories (best of stills, best of animation, best of game, best of SFX).

now thats a good idea! I’ll have to remember to mension that to ton or someone around that time…

well, thanks for the input guys! :slight_smile:

Hmmm, a nice presentation about “automating animation through the use of baking in the game engine” would be nice… mayhap I’ll do it this year as I’m finally using Blender for professional purposes :slight_smile:
That way we can reunite the two worlds of blender (CG and BGE).