Game engine contest?

Sorry, these days i’m a lot busy, so i couldn’t organize the GE contest, and, obviously, i can’t participate, sorry. If anyone wants to organize it…

Friedbraine? u wanna run another one maby theam?

I’ll organize it, but Pepius can you at least give a topic,if you can’t think of one i have one in mind but I’ll let you pick one since you won the last one o.K :wink:

and as always we’ll need someone to help host the blend files’
you know the deal… 8)

Awesome that there an another contest will be organised. I try to use some sparetime to join it. Btw hosting is no problem for me, unlimited data, and I’vce already got a special dir for contests on my server, just pm me about it. I also can provide for each member a dir for his project. 8)

thanks JD-multi that’s very generous of your part and i’m shure this
community greatly appreciates it. I will PM you as soon as I hear from
Pepius in regards to the contest’s “Topic or Theme”… :smiley:

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking one theme but i can’t find a really good one…mmm…
horror games? :stuck_out_tongue:

i am making a horror game, it is awsome… :slight_smile:

that sounds like a great topic and Halloween is right around the corner,

what do you people think of this;

topic= “Horror”
time to complete= before October 31st(Halloween day, roughly 1 1/2 month)

any suggestions for rules and what-not, post don’t be shy… :wink:

hhhmmm bye horror do u mean a horror game or just something to do with horror like grimreaper for example :P( grim was the first thing in my head lol)

Horror would be a good theme. Should make for some interesting entries!

I’ve got a few ideas already what I would do with this :slight_smile:

That’s a good suggestion friedbrain, the games would be ready for playing on halloween. Perhaps focus on atmosphere and mood of the gameplay for judging. Can people create a game that will immerse and scare you? It won’t be an easy task, but hopefully we’ll get some good results!

Sounds like a nice theme. Halloween and horro. :stuck_out_tongue: I think I like that part. 8)

Wow, i’m glad you’ve liked the topic :smiley:

Btw, my birthday is at the corner too (October 3rd) :slight_smile:

Count me in, I love Halloween. hmm, now I need an idea. :smiley:

people i made the official thread for the HORROR contest go post over there if you want to participate and so i can add you to the official list :wink: