game engine "controlling a character"


i have just done this tut:

and then at the bottom i clicked the link which said “controlling a dynamic object”

but the page cant be found.

can anybody link me to another tut which explains how to do this (like move the character around using keyboard or mouse.) or could anybody give me a brief explanation of how to do it?

In the logic buttons, add a sensor. Change the type to keyboard. Set the key to “Up”(do this by clicking on the box and pressing the up button). Add a controller and connect it to the sensor. Now add an actuator and set the type to “Motion”. Play around with the force values. The three values correspond to the 3 axises(axises?). You have to use trial and error to get it right. So try a value, press P, then press up to try it out. If it moves along the wrong axis, try putting the speed in a different box. If it moves on the right axis, but the wrong direction, change the value to a negative number. Do the same thing for the right and left buttons, but instead change the “Torque” values instead of Force.