Game Engine error when debugging

more of a message than an error. it reads:

expand: already read MERock
expand: already read IMRock_color.png
expand: already read IMRock_nor.png

and so on.
I get this for every instance of any linked item.
So, if I have say 30 or so instances of ‘Rock’, (alt-D, not shift-D) and ‘Rock’ was linked from an external .blend, I see this 30 times. once for each mesh
If ‘Rock’ has a material with two textures, I see a line for the material, and one for each texture. That is 3 more lines, for a total of 120 'expand: already read’s

I know it’s in debug (game.exe called with -d), so it’s more verbose than usual, but what does this message mean exactly?

could I be shortening the level load time if I wasn’t going through, what seems like a redundant set of calls?

Thanks in advance!

I figured it out!

If the mesh is UVmapped to an image, and that image is also used as a layer in the material, it causes that message:
expand: already read IMimage.png (or what ever)
for every mapped face.

I got rid of all the warnings(?) by removing any images in the UVmap.
they show up since they are in the material anyway.

and I can’t really tell, but it does seem to load a level quicker.