Game engine error

Hi, I’m kinda new to blender, and I’ve been going through the noob to pro tutorial. everything is working great. untill I got to the blender game engine. I did the simple ball-on-a-hill scene. created everything ok. but when I press the PKEY to test game, the screen area turns blue. and nothing happens. I can still see the bottom area with all the editable options, but the actual 3d area is solid blus. I have the latest blender and latest video drivers. I have a ati radeon x1800 256mb video card. I also get a python not found when I start blender. but I downloaded python and installed it.

The python error shouldn’t be relevant.
Can you upload a blend to see if the same happens to me?

There is a bug when that can happen spontaneously, but not usually not every time. I could also be something else, try increasing your cameras clipping distance.

The quickest way to solve this is for you to attach a .blend so we can see what you’re doing. Otherwise, we can play 20, 000 questions :slight_smile:

Well, the screen turning blue is normal. Thats the background colour, it is best for you to upload a blend though.

Did you scale the camera at all? You cannot scale the camera when you are making games in Blender.

If you can’t remember if you scaled the camera or not, try this: Select your camera, then press the “N” key over the 3D Viewport (the modeling window in Blender) to bring up the Transform Properties dialogue. Look at the Scale X, Y, and Z fields. If they are not all set to 1.00, then click each field and change it to 1.00. If they are all set to 1.00, then you are having a different problem.

ok I checked the camera scale, they are all 1. I’m attaching a .blend file that I was working on. I can save as a runtime and it works great.


ballonhill.blend (169 KB)

I did not find any thing wrrong with it.

ok so I’m thinking its something to do with my video card. any ideas? i have the latest drivers.

Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like when you play it?

ok I think I got it figured out. I saw another similer post, and the solution that worked for me was forcing my display to 60hz refresh rate…then game tested just fine.

ok so the screen refresh is not completly working. I can sometimes get the ingame test to look great, and others not. I downloaded a file from, I tried the first demo, its a camera flying over a landscape. and it works great in blender test. looks good and everything. so I’m wondering what I’ve got wrong in normal usage that the screen doesnt look right.