Game Engine Fading

I’m trying to create an action for a mesh that makes the mesh go from transparent to opaque. In accordance with a tutorial, I right clicked on the transparency properties in the material and hit “add to keying set”, then made two keyframes for the Alpha property at different times. When I play the action, the Alpha bar moves, but the mesh remains at whatever level of transparency I last left it at. This is true both in the textured 3d view and in the game engine. Help?

Does the mesh have a material? It needs to if it doesn’t, then in the options panel check the box that says object color. Then it should work, in glsl mode anyway.

The object MUST have a material. Select the material to be object color and texture face and texture face alpha. Go into the object properties and change the alpha of the objects and add keyframes for where it must animate. Use an action actuator to play those frames.

Got it now.Had to set the object color and texture face and stuff. Thanks!