Game Engine FAQ page in the works. (help)

Maybe it sounds as Offtopic and need to be closed, but I say to every user in here, I do this to get rid off the most asked questions to avoid angry posts of older users.

The Info:
I’m currently heavelly developing the Blended Reality website. I’m soo bussy to get it all coded and working before the year 2005. I want to release it in January but I can’t do that in my own. So I would like if people could help me setting up a FAQ Page (Frequenty Asked Questions) THis page will be available on the net around 2005.

If you know a question you’ve seen hunderds of times, post it here included the answere. I’ll put the whole thing in a html page included and index.

The questions must be Game engine, Blender 3D related, but also video card questions are welcome that has to do with problems inside blender or just strange actions.

I hope people can help me with this.
Thanks to everyone which want to help, many thanks. :smiley:

Greetz JD-Multi

FAQ page:
comments are welcome

you know the most popular questions JD,
“where is the actor button?”
“why can’t i see any lights in the GE?”
“why is my character falling through the floor?”
“How do I make my chracter move in the GE?”
“why is everything white when i press ‘p’?”

kl idea dude! freid is right :D, ill think of some :stuck_out_tongue:

“how do i make a game like quake?”
“how do i set up fp like controls?”

great start!

It looks quiet good the input I get, but there’s a difference between FAQ’s and tutorials. Try to seperate that, because the Question “how do i set up fp like controls?” can’t be told in 5 lines, but that person asked that needs to use a tutorial.
So I’m more looking forwards to problems, like: “Why is my fp/s so low?” Or “Why doesn’t work the Collision sensor so well?” FAQ is like frequented asked questions towards problems. Butt keep going, I already created a nice list, what to do, I’ll upload it soon. :slight_smile:


selling games made with blender or something…

%| Hmm, well those are actually frequently asked problems. Well, fps control scripts have been released.

Well for the FAQ for the tougher ones like “How to make a fps” you could always just list a link to a tutorial and hopefully everything will be described there. So this way people won’t have to be searching around for links. So maybe you could have commonly asked questions as the top section, imtermediate questions, advanced questions sections.

To and some other commonly asked question
“How do I use python in GameBlender?”
“How do I use sounds?”
“How come my actor keeps bouncing?”
“How come I can’t use actions”?

There’s bound to be a lot more.

Jason Lin

“Where can I find tutorials?”
“Can I use stars in the game engine?”
“Can I use paths/particles/waves in the game engine?”
“Can I change the game’s resolution?”
“How do I stop the Esc key from quitting the game?”
“My actor moves at different speeds on different computers, help!”
“I’m using 2.34, how do I set the object in an add-object actuator with Python?”
“How do I make cartoon shading/edges in the game engine?”

I’ll probably think of a lot more 10 minutes after I click submit, but that should be enough for a start.

Ok great, I’ll add them to do FAQ page. I was also thinking about a form where advanced users are able to fill in some new FAQ questions when it’s online. So durning it’s stay on the site, people can still send me FAQ questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I created the page into xhtml now and can be used already. I wrote down some FAQ’s but I need to add a lot more of them, but just too show I really work on it. :smiley:

You made a mistake on it: OpenGL supports 8 lamps.

Great thanks R2Bl3nd, I’m doing so much that I need someone reading the FAQ to see if I write the good answeres. I’m still searching for someone helping me on the FAQ page by adding the faq’s to the xhtml page, so I can continue on the another pages. :-?

Hey JD-multi for

  1. Why is my character falling through the floor?

Isn’t there a 2nd answer to that too? That it’s a bug in 2.34 (something wiht the physics system). Hmm, if material really fixes that problem :smiley: .

Jason Lin

Well, being a newbie I’ll ask this one which has probably been asked many times. How do I set real fullscreen? When I hit the full screen button in game settings it only makes a full size window, not fullscreen. I’ve played a Blender game that went true fullscreen, so it must be possible.

That was a runtime then.

That was a runtime then.

O.K. It’ll probably be a while before I do that.

"how do I change actors’’
“how do I make my character shoot bullets”
“how can I get other actors to interact with my character ( such as attacking or following )”
“how do I make my actor pick up an object”
“how do I make things like points, health bar, and inventory”
“how do I use a python script in the game engine”
“what’s the difference between AND, OR, PYTHON, and EXPRESSION”
“how do I use action strips”

I’ll try to think of some more.