Game engine Fluid

Hi, this is my first post.
I made a weeks ago a fake simulation fluid with particles.
When de halo touch the floor the mesh change with another.

This is the Blend file

and a few screenshots

sorry for my bad english:D

that’s quite cool, Interesting concept

Good work Saav and welcome to the forums!

I really like the idea! This makes me want to experiment!

Good luck blending and keep it up!

Interesting idea, and it works pretty well- the biggest issue I’d say is the rotation of the changed mesh when it hits the ground- it seems very mechanical, and fairly unnecessary. Also, you might want to add a random rotation on the emitted water, so it’s less repetitious.
nice job, keep up the good work : )

Thanks guys.

Take a look this pro Nvidia water simulation

The water is like a small spheres