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Give me russian fonts, in TGA,

Why do you need Quicktime to view the pictures? 'Cause all I can see is the “ripped film” icon.

Been a while since I made this thread… :o

Glad to be of help :slight_smile: I hope they come in useful for you.

You don’t need quicktime. The fonts are in .TGA format so you need a program capable of displaying those (or you can just load them straight up into Blender). Quicktime is probably set as the default viewer for .TGA files on your computer.

Well, now I’m having this problem:
Any help?

Wow, never seen anything like that before. How many text objects do you have there?

It looks like there are 7 of them and they’re space out alot and aren’t positioned correctly on the @ I think the box needs a little more space because some of the letters are cut off.

Thanks alot, I saw them at your site when there was only about 8, I’m glad you added more :smiley:

There are two text objects at 25% size, with one slightly above and to the left of the other. They’re each UV’d so that the edge touches the @ symbol in the upper corner. However, after testing, I found that this happens no matter what UV configuration I have. Folded over, reversed, dragged in unheard of shapes…it’s an identical result. By the way, it’s in 2.37a although the result is identical in 2.25.

tryed using another font? some fonts that i have made gets messed up sometimes…