Game engine for Android

Dear all,

I am interested in your thoughts on which game engine to use for creating games and publishing on Android. Some background information: I’m familiar with Blender and programming (Python, very basic C, etc.) and would like to play around with creating a simple game for Android. This would be a puzzle/exploration type game, in the style of Myst and Riven. This is just to give an idea of the type of game, I’m fully aware that I won’t be achieving anything even close to that kind of quality and size. Since this is just for fun, the budget is low to non-existent.

Some engines I’ve considered myself:

  • Gamekit

  • Advantage: open source

  • Relatively unknown, with not much information available

  • Large output apk’s, not suitable for Google Play?

  • Unity

  • Commercial software, with a crippled free version (I picked up a key for free Android publishing for Unity 3.5 previous year)

  • Well-known and proven to be a robust engine

  • Lot of documentation and tutorials available


I’m not certain a full 3d environment is required. A pre-rendered approach, with the images being mapped to textured cubes might be sufficient. This would make the limitations in the free Unity engine less of a problem.

Any insights of people who have experience in working with Android are very welcome. Both on the engines I mentioned as well as any others.

Here are 2 free engines.

Hi Crouch:

My target platform is also Android - specifically Tegra3 tablets eg: Google’s Nexus 7, the middleware tool I’m using to publish my first release was created by a French company Stonetrip called ShiVa 3D which I’ve played with for the over 10mths - as a noob to the mobile gaming space this engine suited my needs in: price point - UI - community and learning curve:


  • Free Personnal Learning Edition
  • Basic licence approx $150EU
  • Pseudo LUA scripting
  • Small but helpful community
  • Hassle free game port to Android market
  • Import/export Collada format


  • Limited documentation
  • Steep learning curve for non coder’s
  • Small ACTIVE user base
  • Beta asset store
  • limited third party support

also here are couple of links for consideration in your engine evaluation/search, good luck:

Cheers Ian :))

Thank you for the suggestions. Sakboi: great to hear a perspective from someone who has experience with a specific engine. I will continue my investigation and the provided links will be very useful. If there are any other people with suggestions, feel free to chime in.

Hopefully I’ll be able to show an initial wip by summer.

You may want to look at Esenthel engine, it has an advanced renderer and supports android and ios, and license cost is $100 for unlimited apps and no royalties.