Game engine for AR


I am considering using Blender for Augmented Reality projects with character animation for both phones and Headsets, Hololens etc., any examples?

To be honest, compared with paid programs like Unreal to what extent does Blender support making game apps in above scenario? Suitable? Does it support ARkit or ARCore?
Currently I am using Poser for the animation part, I just need a game engine.

Phones won’t work since there is no support for exporting to ios/android (I believe there have been a very unstable port for android many years ago)

Considering AR on Desktop I can’t tell if there is support by any existing external Python libraries. I’ve seen such things as facetracking (, so it could be possible. However, this will need some effort for sure, as blender does not support these things out of the box.

You are not going to have a good time trying to do this in blender. Unreal engine is free. So is Unity. Use them instead.

If you are looking for an open source solution, you may consider Godot. I haven’t used its AR and VR functionality, but I know it exists.

Thanks for being clear. I have used Unity, but I consider Unreal instead.